Worship Wednesday

Today for Worship Wednesday we are listening to, AND watching the title track music video from John Mark McMillan’s new album “Mercury and Lightning”.  Per usual JMM moves beyond cliché into the realm of rewarding and reverent art.  I’ll let him speak for himself as to the meaning and message of his new work. I hope his reflection resonates with you as powerfully as it did with me:

“Life is riddled with conflict: the tension between chaos and order, the known and the unknown, certainty and doubt. From my point of view, these contentions are built into the human experience. I think we’re ALL chasing something, propelled daily into the unknown as we grapple for some sort of connection to that which is greater than ourselves.

I consider myself to be a follower of Christ, a believer, and at least a fumbling apprentice of the better way. Still, I seem to have little tolerance anymore for a brand of “escape-valve Christianity” that would deny the presence of life’s terrible mysteries and attempt to offer me certainty as counterfeit for a living, evolving, terrifying faith.

The truth is – some days I think I find God, and some days I think I don’t. But maybe he finds me… every day. Even more, maybe all this running and chasing and striving has been the problem. Maybe the problem is that we’re too busy looking for something we already have.”– JMM (Borrowed from his facebook post for the video)

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